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Men's Incontinence Underwear- we have what you need.

Wearing our line of incontinence underwear will feel comfort and confidence. We have a wide wariety of sizes and styles to suit every man's needs. From light bladder leakage underwear for daytime use that can handle small leaks up to heavy protection with evening hours coverage. 

Take Control of Your Incontinence
Live with Confidence

✓ Superior absorbency and leak proofing

✓ Reusable to save you money

✓ Comfortable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and gentle on your skin  

✓ Machine washable and tumble dryable

✓ More eco-friendly and sustainable than disposable pads, liners, or guards

High-performance Layered Technology

Carer incontinence product features a proprietary absorbent layer of material with patented technology that provides advanced softness with rapid liquid absorption for optimal product performance.


It has more coverage and up to 4 high-performance layers to deliver superior absorbency and more secure protection. The inner layer is made of a super absorbent pad. It holds up to 7.0 oz (200ml) of liquid.

Reviews from our customers

    My husband has been using these and has been generally pleased. They are comfortable, and fully absorbency. 


    I purchased these for my Dad who is having difficulty with being incontinent due to prostate issues. They are comfortable and don't leak. Best of all, the cost is much more manageable for him being on a fixed income.


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