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Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+

Limited Time Offer: Extra 10% Off $89+Shop Now!

Free Shipping Worldwide Orders $59+


Which incontinence product gives best protection? Washable or Disposable Underwear

by CARER SPK 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments


If you have urinary incontinence, you can often feel embarrassed, and self-conscious when leaks happen. It can be a daunting and isolating experience. You may worry about the odor in your underwear or whether people around you can see any urine leakage. Bladder leaks should not disrupt your day or your peace of mind.

Incontinence issues are common and normal

Incontinence is a common medical issue that causes bladder leaks. Urinary incontinence affects about 400 million people around the world according to the International Continence Society. Many women experience bladder leaks from urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence when the pelvic floor muscles weaken due to age, pregnancy, or childbirth. Whether your incontinence issues are short-term or long-term, many brands of incontinence products like diapers, pads, and reusable underwear help to manage incontinence and make incontinence less of a burden for you.
A Twitter user with incontinence issues says this about the peace of mind reusable and disposable underwear provide:
"Imagine that you get changed out of a super full diaper and you are going to go swimming in an hour. You could put on a disposable diaper for an hour, then toss it, basically unused. OR you could put on a cloth diaper, then take it off to swim (or heck leave it on!)- @Snazithus, Twitter.
So between disposable diapers and incontinence underwear, which style should you pick?

What is Washable incontinence underwear?

Washable incontinence underwear is just like regular underwear. The only exception is it is absorbent underwear specifically styled for incontinence.

Pros of Washable Underwear

Washable Incontinence underwear is designed for light to heavy incontinence

The thin material of washable incontinence underwear has polymers in the outer layer that trap light to medium urine leaks. The material absorbs liquid, wicks moisture away, and leaves you feeling dry and odorless.
A Twitter user with an underlying medical condition says this about the benefit of washable incontinence underwear buying leak underwear so I don't have to deal with pads for bladder issues. So much easier with brain fog. Also less odor" -@POTSparty.

Reusable incontinence underwear is more discreet

Reusable incontinence underwear can make you feel less self-conscious. Because they look just like regular underwear, they are a closer-fitting style and comfortable. If you have sensitive skin, reusable underwear is the better alternative.
Washable incontinence underwear's material is often made out of nylon, cotton, and polyester, so they look and feel no different than regular underwear. The latex-free, reusable, breathable fabric is gentle on the skin.

Washable Incontinence underwear saves you money over the long term

Each costs about $15 per count and you can need 1-2 pieces a day. On average, they can be washed 200 times and can be used for 3-6 months. In one year, the cost is about $90-$120.

Reusable Products are Environmentally Friendly

Your underwear choice could save the planet. Incontinence undies and briefs are reusable and are the more eco-friendly option.

Cons Of Washable Underwear

Not suitable for total incontinence or fecal incontinence adults

Design for light to heavy incontinence adults, washable incontinence underwear can't hold up to 500ml urine. Washable incontinence underwear does not offer enough protection when leaks happen from overflow incontinence or fecal incontinence.

What is Disposable Underwear?

Disposable incontinence products like adult diapers and pads are the most products commonly used for managing urinary incontinence. They are quick to put on, disposable, and offer protection from heavy incontinence leaks.

Pros of Disposable Underwear

Use Disposable Underwear for heavy incontinence
Due to their high absorbency, disposable underwear is a popular choice for managing heavy leakage.

Disposable underwear provides maximum absorbency

Their absorbency levels are higher than washable incontinence underwear. Use incontinence adult diapers if frequent urine leaks happen and you need maximum absorbency.

Disposable underwear protects from fecal leakage

Super absorbency also means that you can wear disposable underwear if you have fecal Incontinence.
Leak protection and odor protection are in the product style of disposable underwear High-capacity disposable underwear has multiple voids which collect urine leaks. When the multiple voids fill up, the liquid capacity is filled. This offers protection from urine leaks and odors.

Easy To Use and No maintenance is required

If doing laundry is a hassle for you, save yourself some trouble and time. Reusable underwear is disposable. You just throw them away after every use. They are most convenient for men and women with mobility issues or the elderly in nursing homes.

Cons Of Disposable Underwear

Disposable underwear is indiscreet

Disposable underwear can be bulky and is more noticeable when you wear clothing. You will need to wear dark clothes to prevent visibility.

Disposable underwear can be harsh on sensitive skin

Disposable underwear can be irritating to sensitive skin. You need to change them frequently to avoid skin rashes.

Disposable Underwear is expensive

Each costs about $0.6 per count. On average, a person changes 1-2 pieces a day. These costs can add up to $219-$438 a year. In the long term, this will run up your shopping costs.

Single-use style incontinence products are harmful to the environment

Many brands of diapers and pads are disposable products. You always have to discard them after every wear which mostly ends up as landfill waste.

Choosing the right incontinence underwear for you

Even with incontinence issues, you still deserve the freedom to wear clothing of any style with peace of mind. So, how can you choose the best incontinence underwear for you?
Here are some key factors to consider
Consider your absorbency level
If you have light or moderate bladder leaks, reusable underwear is the best choice for you. For overflow bladder leaks or bowel leakage, disposable incontinence underwear can help you.
Consider your wallet
Using washable underwear can save $300 more than disposable underwear on average a year. In short, if you have very severe bladder leakage or fecal incontinence, disposable underwear is your irreplaceable choice. Apart from that, washable incontinence underwear is your best choice.

Where to Buy Washable Incontinence Underwear?

You can choose from Carer incontinence underwear. CARER incontinence underwear range is designed to fit your body.
Everyone with incontinence issues deserves leak protection incontinence underwear with high absorbency to make them feel comfortable and confident- you are no exception.
At CARER, our two styles of reusable incontinence underwear are designed for day-to-day wear under any clothing.
For women and men with bladder leaks, our range of absorbent underwear and briefs serve as convenient solutions to manage incontinence.
They have a high absorbency capacity to absorb moisture and liquids. You are protected from urine leaks when wearing reusable underwear.
Whether you have light absorbency, medium, or high absorbency needs, the customer care team is always available for assistance. We will help you choose the best incontinence underwear for you from the size chart. It doesn't matter if you are unsure of your absorbency needs, the customer care team is knowledgeable on incontinence issues and will provide sufficient assistance.
Carer's absorbent washable incontinence underwear is designed with several key factors to provide you with the best incontinence underwear.
● Underwear reinforced with super absorbency material.
○ Layer with polymers to trap odors, liquid, and moisture
● Disposable underwear is made of latex-free fabric to ensure maximum comfort
when wearing them.
● Reusable underwear made from breathable fabric (cotton, polyester, or nylon)
● Non-irritant. CARER reusable underwear is gentle to the skin.
● Reusable and environmentally friendly underwear.
● Thin layers and looks just like regular underwear.
○ Fits closely with the body
● Cost-effective Underwear
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